When I joined Avon almost 16 years ago little did I know that it would lead to the life that I have now. As a full time mum to 3 girls my husbands job allowed me to stay at home and take care of the family,but i needed more.I needed to feel that i was doing something to contribute to the family.I joined Avon to earn some extra money for holidays,Christmas and treat days for the girls.It seemed the right thing to do for me. I love the products and with 2 teenage daughters i was never short of willing models to try out new products.But more than the money and products Avon gave me back the feeling of being useful.

I love serving my customers giving advice on skincare helping them to choose lipsticks that suit them but more than anything i love introducing new Representatives to my Network.Over the past 16 years I have seen so many team members change their lives through their earnings with Avon.It’s not always been a success for everyone but for those who have worked with us they have built a good strong business.

The success of my team has helped me to win 4 fantastic all expenses paid trips with my husband .The photo above was taken at a gala dinner in New York for the top 20 Leaders in the UK, and yes my husband now works in my business he joined me 7 years ago.New York was always a dream for me.I am not a great fan of flying but winning this “ Bucket list Trip”made me take that step and do long haul and i am so pleased to have done it. Our children as as they have grown up have had work experience in the business. Helping them to pay their way through UNI and collage, gaining skills in team management and customer service both went on to find jobs as soon as they qualified.

Avon has given me the opportunity to watch my family grow ,be there when they have needed me and provided a full time income for us to have a comfortable life.Now as i move the next stage of life it will be there as I spend time with my granddaughter working it my way.

Whether you choose to shop, sell, or build a business I can help you today with one simple Personal Message or Phone call.

Thank you Avon

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