I know first-hand how hard it can be to juggle being a good mum and finding the time to work. I also know what it’s like to be a young mum with 3 kids spending lots of time on your own with them. Trying to keep going through the school holidays when Dad is at work. Taking them out for days can be costly, staying at home they eat you out of house and home, I often wonder how they lasted the whole day at school without eating every minute of the day. So the thought of having a job and looking after the kids was a big No No.

This was me 20 years ago, trying to work part-time around two teenaged children and then falling pregnant with our 3rd child. I had to give up my job and my independence went overnight. I thought I would enjoy being home all the time with the kids but 6 months In, and with the start of winter I started to feel cut off. I had always been an active, social person and getting out to see people was harder now with a baby, school runs and keeping up with school clubs, not to mention everything that goes with a busy house.

Work from home with AvonI always looked forward to my Local Avon Lady calling by each month, someone to talk to and I love my Avon products. So, when she turned up one day and said she was leaving the area I had a light bulb moment, I could take on her customers. I would be working on my doorstep, could take the baby round in the buggy get to know my neighbours and make some money to cover at least my own products.

And so it began, my little bit of me-time, something to get me out the house. I had no expectations of earnings, but I was getting out to meet people. What started out with 10 customers grew quickly to over 100, and in my first 8 months I saved the money for flights, car hire and spending money for our 2 weeks holiday to Cyprus, leaving my husband with just the villa costs to cover, and it felt good. And it didn’t stop there I loved being a Rep, but I thought I could do more, so with baby in hand I moved to building a team and moving up the ladder in earnings.

Working for yourself has never been easier

Over the past 20 years my business now has over 90 leaders all running their own business, some full time, some part time, some just for something to do. Most are like me, full time parents working around the family, all enjoying the benefits of flexible, self-employment.

Being a full-time mum doesn’t have to mean giving up independence it can be the start of a new chapter. Who knows where taking the leap of faith will take us, but if we never jump, we will never know. There will be the doubters along the way, they will tell you you’ll never make any money, get a proper job. My husband was one of them. It just made me more determined to see how far I could go and 10 years ago after his redundancy, we changed rolls he stayed home with the kids and I moved to working full time in my business, now he’s part of the team.

Today I’m still building my business, still enjoying my freedom, loving helping others to start out, and sharing what my family has been able to do over the past 20 years, thanks to Avon and the income it has given us.

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If you’re reading this and can relate to being a parent and wanting to do more than just the school run and keeping house, drop me a message through my website and connect.

If you would like to take up an opportunity with the network during August 2021 then you can kick start your own business for as little as £10, or £30 with our Ultimate Welcome Kit, shown below. You even have an opportunity to get your investment refunded at the end of the month.

Thank you for reading, until next time.

Erena x

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